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National Quality Framework.

Family Day Care is an approved form of childcare that is provided in the family day care Educators own home. Family Day Care Educators are Early Childhood Education and Care professionals, registered with Wattle Tree Family Day Care. Our service is responsible for approving, supporting, training and advising our Educators. 

Wattle Tree FDC is an Education and Care Service fully licensed under the Department of Education and Early Childhood Development. Operating under the National Quality Framework, regulated under the Education and Services National Law and National Regulations like any other childcare service.

Wattle Tree's Coordination Unit of qualified staff visit the Educators homes to monitor the children's progress and to provide support.

Family Day Care Educators provide care for up to 4 children under school age and 3 school age children at any one time, including the Educator's own.

We want to be identified in the wider community as an inclusive, high quality, accessible and affordable early education and care service.

Wattle Tree Family Day Care values respectful relationships and interactions, cultural diversity, honesty, inclusive practices.

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Hugo Herrera
Hugo is in charge of Purchases, Security, and Safety around the office.
Frederick Herrera
Oversees Family Assistance Law Compliance and ensures accuracy of data supplied for CCB/CCR purposes.
Luzvira "Peppi" Herrera
With 27 years experience in ECEC, Luzvira ensures Service Compliance and manages our relationships with our customers and community




We are committed to the provision of high quality; inclusive home based early education and care service to ensure the best possible outcomes for children and families.

Wattle Tree Family Day Care has been established as a family business to manage the provision of home based childcare in the City of Casey and other areas. Home based childcare is flexible, quality care provided for children by registered Educators in the Educator’s own home, Educators are self-employed. Home based care offers parents and children the benefit of individual attention in a safe, family environment. Educators are supported, monitored, assessed and registered by a co-ordination unit. The service is licensed and regulated by the relevant Commonwealth and State Government Departments.

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